It's gonna be muy divertido!

As always, we're providing the apartment, the coworking space, the enrichment, and (at least some) of the fun. (The other GKers, of course, will bring their fair share!)

Check out the schedule:

February 5, 2018: Lima, Peru


We're STOKED to kick things off in Lima! While we're there, you should totally try the Guinea Pig and wash it down with some Chicha Morada, a fermented corn-based drink that's got a spicy kick. (Note: We aren't gonna twist your arm!) Home of more than just that llama drama, Peru features some of the brightest and most lively places in the world. Feel like dancin'? Wanna see some ruins? Wanna wind-surf, or eat like a Incan emperor? Peru's got rainforests, The Andes, and a beautiful stretch of Pacific Coast.

March 5, 2018: Medellin, Colombia


Next stop: Colombia! We're spending a month in Medellin, and looking forward to taking a step or two outside, because this place is known, for real, as the City of Eternal Spring. Think of Medellin as the center for Colombian culture, with weather like sunny San Diego. They've got museums for days and parks for weeks. And, personally, we think you haven't fully lived until you take out your crew to a Medellin disco. How about a Pablo Escobar tour in the morning, after a few arepas? Uh. Yes? Yes, please?

april 5, 2018: playa del carmen, mexico


Ceviche. Salt-rimmed margaritas. Sunrise yoga on the beach. After burning the South American oil for two months, we're going to kick it down a gear. That's right, it's relax mode in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Fine-grade sand, warm Caribbean waters, and some of the best damn ancient culture you'll ever find, it's called the Mayan Riviera for a reason. A mere day-trip from our spot is Chichen Itza (think: famous step-pyramid that you see in post cards ) and Cozumel (think: island with the most gorgeous azure-colored water you'll ever see). Not a bad way to end a three-month tour of Latin America, if we do say so ourselves.

Think so?

Let's talk highlights.


Machu picchu

We're heading to the always-timeless Machu Picchu: an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains, above the Urubamba River valley. You're crazy if you don't bring your camera for this one. Just like a blushing bride, every angle of this stunner is a good one. Oh also, remember to take along that bucket list you've talked about.  It's gonna need a new checkmark.


El Peñol

Just a couple hours away from the refinement of Medellin sits El Peñol — a huge monolith rising out of a fairy-tale landscape that looks like something right out of “Lord of the Rings.”

Race you to the top?!

Come on!

It's only 649 steps!



Spend a day (or more!) touring the ancient beauty that is the coastline of Tulum– with all its confectioner-sugar-like sands, jade-green water, and balmy hammock-ready breezes. Mix in an unexplained iguana population (seriously the little guys are everywhere), and you'll have a setting of  Mayan ruins that will provide nothin' but a great time.

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