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It is Aliya’s deepest desire to live her life and teach her classes from a place of authenticity and love. She has personally experienced the incredible power that yoga has to collectively transform the body, mind, and soul, and she finds deep passion in guiding others on this journey. Aliya's teaches alignment-based Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic and (sometimes!) vigorous practice that links breath and movement together: combining physical postures with flow. The physical practice of yoga that Aliya offers is intended to build strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and focus. While the postures of yoga (asana) are of course the fundamentals of any yoga class, Aliya's classes attempt to theme and interweave all elements, principals, and ethical concepts of yoga so that students may begin to notice the yoga in all things, both on AND off their mats. Overall, she aspires to live her life and teach her classes so positively and authentically that it inspires others to live from that place as well. 

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"When we reignite the light of our own spirit, we unconsciously give permission to those around us to remember their magic too. Doing this, just like the wick of a candle lighting another, doesn't dim our own light. And together, we collectively brighten the world."

Aliya - Program Coordinator & Yoga Director

Aliya - Program Coordinator & Yoga Director


Aliya's view on wellness

"Personal wellness is entirely about balance. I have always felt that happiness for every individual person is a recipe. A little dash of that, not too much of this. Wellness is defined as the freedom from disease, but for me its much more then that, its the pursuit of figuring out what you are personally made of and what makes your unique soul feel most alive and balanced. The perfect prescription for one person is of course completely off for the next. For me, it is about finding the perfect dash of all the necessary elements that make me me: yoga (both teaching and practicing), connecting with the important people in my life (regardless of how far away they are), playing my ukulele, riding my scooter, watching live music, being in the sun, traveling to new places, working hard towards my goals, spending time alone, the right amount of junk food, loving myself when I don't do the right amount of all of these things...! I say it all the time:  when I eat too many tacos and drink too much beer, I don't like myself very much, but when I don't eat any tacos or drink any beer, I also don't like myself very much. Wellness to me isn't about  limiting yourself from life's indulgences, its about working towards a very sweet spot in between the polarities of life and then having grace and love towards yourself when you inevitably fall short of finding that harmony.

What you can expect: When you jump on the GK yogic journey you can expect to be pushed and stretched (quite literally!). Each week, GlobeKickers are offered "heartwork:" topics, themes and challenges to push them out of their comfort zones and into a space of self inquiry and introspection. All the heartwork topics are weaved throughout the yoga classes. The yoga program is designed to offer a holistic approach to the topics and inquiry, helping students put the challenges to a test on the mat, an opportunity to explore and apply the various concepts in a variety of ways." - Aliya Rosenbloom