To lead a movement that inspires transformational growth through global travel


Our Values

Balance, Community & Exploration


Life is all about balance. Balancing your work and your play. Balancing the need to make a living, but also the need to really live. We place a major emphasis on mental, physical, and spiritual health to help you achieve that balance. Through balance, you can create a life you love.


Community is a critical component to living a fulfilled life, and we strive to create a community of like-minded, curious people who experience the world and always stick together.  While GlobeKicking, you’ll build a diverse, unique community of people you meet along the way – fellow travelers and locals alike. They'll become some of your greatest friends along the way.


Understanding the world and how it works involves constant exploration. We believe that international travel is the best platform to explore the world we live in as well as the people we are. When you GlobeKick you have the opportunity to explore different cities, different foods, different adventures and different people. Never stop exploring.


Our Team


Jamie DeBole, Co-founder & CEO

Jamie is a traveler, entrepreneur, and athletics coach.  He has co-founded 3 companies; seeing one through to sale in June 2015.  Jamie enjoys living an active, healthy lifestyle full of outdoor pursuits and new adventures. He’s visited 29 countries and once spent a year living abroad pursuing entrepreneurial interests in Shanghai, China, while learning Mandarin Chinese.  

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Rad Wood, Co-founder & Attorney

Rad is a writer, adventurer, and attorney who brings unparalleled travel and legal experience to GlobeKick. A partner at Vela Wood at a leading boutique law firm that focuses on small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups, Rad has also visited 52 countries and can boast a summit of Mount Kilimanjaro among his list of incredible adventures.


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Russ Briscoe, Co-founder & CRO

Russ is a walker. He's ambled over 1,500 miles around the planet, throughout 25+ countries, & remains eager for the next step.  With a BA in the Classics & a MBA focusing on Entrepreneurship, he's pursued a course of study in step with the way we walk.  Each pace creates new tread from some place now printed in the past.  Russ is re-charged by meeting curious people, sharing travel experiences, and listening to stories.  He's also been known to tell a few of his own. 

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Aliya Rosenbloom, Program Director

Aliya is passionate about helping people step (or stretch!) out of their comfort zones and providing experiences for them where they are able to see what they are made of. With a Masters in Social Work and Community Development, Aliya has spent the past four years teaching yoga and providing experiences that unite teenagers and adults from over 35 countries together. Through yoga, traveling, and working with global populations, it is obvious to her that behind the millions of colors, races, and faces, we all inhale and exhale the same.  

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                 Nick Gaudio,  Chief Marketing Officer

Nick is a native West Virginian and graduate of West Virginia University, and the fiction program at the University of Michigan. He's received seven awards from the Press Association as a reporter, two from the Newseum as a designer, and lead the email and application program at Chive Media Group before joining GlobeKick. His passions include writing, reading, and mountaineering. 

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Molly Borsom, Program Coordinator

Molly is an explorer who has lived in 20 different cities, stretching all the way from Hawaii to Eastern Europe. A graduate from the University of Hawaii, her professional experience ranges from small business to federal government, and entrepreneurship to the nonprofit sector. Lifelong athlete and yoga teacher, she feels passionate about inspiring others to find a well balanced lifestyle filled with passion and purpose. She is a lover of sunshine and the sea.




            Conrad Beckman, Program Coordinator

Coming from a background of spreadsheets, startups, and wearing sandals in formal settings, Conrad is an adventurer and enterprise grower.  With one successful company and an MBA under his belt, his experience includes marketing and sales for financial services companies as well as founding several small startup ventures. His journeys both on and off the beaten path have only reinforced his passion for helping people move their  bodies, minds, and businesses to greater things. 


some of our



"GlobeKick is very responsive with their communication.  Unlike the others, they are more interested in making sure candidates are a good fit for the group they are developing. They aren't trying to fill slots with anyone who works virtually. They are building a homogeneous nomad community. This is really important because any traveler knows you have to like the people you're going to be traveling, living, and working with. "

Ashlee Knapp


"I’m surrounded by authentic, motivated, intelligent, adventurous souls all here to learn and grow. We are in an environment that is allowing us to unapologetically be our true selves. I could not have asked for a better program or place to be at this point in my life."      

Jenny Scholl


"GlobeKick adds another element to community, that of sharing and integrating our individual strengths while acknowledging our weaknesses in order to create a stronger and more trusting whole."

Nick Holloway


A Common Passion

At heart we are all travelers. Indeed, the story of our ancestors is that of movement—from Africa we have spread to cover the globe. In the process we built countries, cities and cultures in every corner. We mapped coasts lines, climbed mountains, and traversed rivers and oceans. But somewhere along the way the movement slowed. We began to settle. It’s time to move again. To kick off and explore those cultures and cities. To walk upon the coasts and swim in the rivers. To rediscover the nomad that sits inside us waiting.

My name is Rad. In the summer of 2012, Jamie and I left Austin to travel the world. Our departure dates were different, the routes we took were not always the same, but for a time the paths we walked converged. We shared thoughtful conversations in tents on the African plain, crammed train rides through the Indian countryside, nights out on the town in Singapore, bike rides across Bali and in cities on the east coast of Australia. The events of those eight weeks together on the road formed a bond that we carry to this day. A bond born out of life on the road. It wasn’t always glamorous, however. Jamie contracted some disease we thought to be malaria in Tanzania and seemed to have a relapse again in India. We nearly drowned while swimming in the strong currents off of Bali’s famed surf beaches, and we were ripped off more than once along the way.

Yet there was something about the movement through time and space that fed our souls. We spoke about it numerous times. Life back in Austin had seemingly flown by, while on the road our lives moved at a slower cadence--the moments packed with more meaning, more adventure. Removed from the repetition of daily life, our minds were opened to new experiences and ideas, which led our feet and eyes to lands we had never before imagined.

After Australia Jamie would choose Thailand for two weeks before returning to Austin. I set my course for Vietnam for a time and then continued my journey for another nine months, traveling to Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America before finally returning home.

Back in Austin, Jamie and I often talked about travel, our experience around the globe and the pull we constantly felt to return to foreign lands. We also knew that what we felt was not unique. It was a common feeling shared by people around the world. And so we shared our stories and experiences with all who would listen—family, friends, acquaintances, and many a stranger. These conversations only confirmed what we already knew; we needed to help motivate people to set a course to travel. To kick around the globe for even a short period of time so that they too could feel the satisfaction and soul-inspiring effects of the road.

So we continued to share and talk. The responses we received were always similar. People felt inspired. They wished they could do the same. They asked pointed questions about places they had only dreamed of going. They told us to write a book.

Well, we never wrote that book. Instead, we started GlobeKick. This is our book and we want you to write it with us; each country, city, culture and experience its own chapter. The best part is that you’re the author. Much like life itself, you may not get to decide exactly how it begins or ends, but you do get to write your own story along the way. 

- Rad Wood, Co-founder & Attorney