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What is GlobeKick?

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GlobeKick is a community of digital professionals, who value the freedom and inspiration of living abroad, traveling, working, and exploring different cities together.

The community, one city at a time, experiences the world as local residents; participating in local cultures, connecting with local businesses, and building an international network of personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime.

The GlobeKick lifestyle is founded upon exploration and balance. Choose that lifestyle. Choose the adventure. Choose to GlobeKick. And together, let’s Create a Life You Love™.


Where Does GlobeKick Connect You?


Valencia, Spain

August 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

September 2017

Zagreb, Croatia

October 2018

Santiago, Chile

January 2018

Lima, Peru

February 2018

Medellin, Colombia

March 2018

Playa Del Carmen, MX

November 2017


Austin, TX, USA

April 2018


You Show Up. We Got the Rest.

GlobeKick helps you Create A Life You Love.

We combine travel, productivity, health & mindfulness, together with an amazing group of people from all directions.

And we're only just getting started.

So grab your laptop, pack some sunscreen, & come change the way the world works.

Your life is your life.