The Alumni Network

The GlobeKick community does not stop after the flight home. The network you build while GlobeKicking is something you take with you for the rest of your life. And we are hear to help facilitate that in two distinct ways.

First, GlobeKick alumni get unique travel perks. All alumni have access to discounted future program trips, as well as the option to do shorter one-month kicks. Yep, that's right, once you understand the GlobeKick model, you are free to hop on any of our trips at any point for a full month in any of our amazing cities. We only require that you provide us a 30 day heads up before the city you want to join us on.

Second,  GlobeKick alumni become a part of our GlobeKick Network. The Network allows alumni to stay in touch with members from their trip, as well as to connect with GlobeKick alumni from other trips. As the Network grows, you become connected to a large, international, diverse, well-traveled group of professionals. The Network allows for digital nomad collaboration and acts as a platform for social and travel communication, between Network members. On our end, we will provide the Network with updates and posts regarding remote-working opportunities, future GlobeKick trips and related travel information and advice. Once you GlobeKick you take the community home with you and remain a foundational piece as it grows.

some GlobeKicker Companies

  • BlackRock

  • Citrix

  • The Cleveland Clinic

  • LyntonWeb

  • The Kinler Group

  • UnitedHealth Group

  • The Boon Group, Inc.

  • Mainor Wirth, LLP

  • The Tombras Group

  • Alluvian Staffing

  • Intel

  • Summit Wealth Strategies

  • Matrix Solutions

  • Sainstore

  • Coinbase

  • Balance Point Corporation

  • CANA Advisors

  • MBLM Marketing

  • Mid-State Health Network

  • KnowledgeSource 


And many more..

Alumni Success Stories

Ashley, Luke & Kristina

Ashley, Luke & Kristina

On his first GlobeKick experience, Luke realized professional development in two tangible directions. First, he stepped outside the framework of his everyday employment to setup his own concept, “LIVIN with Luke : A Social Marketplace for Travelers.” Luke forged and strengthened the inspiration and ideas behind LwL through his connectivity in community with our digital nomads, specifically, by seeing what technology products could solve problems in the everyday lives of GlobeKickers. Second, Luke, through his GlobeKick connections, is now developing and branding a product line (Travables) for his company to roll-out in 2017.

Luke credits everyday-journaling and “challenges” centered on personal development, guided by fellow GlobeKicker Kristina Vitale,  in sharpened his focus and leading to his successes. In turn, Luke has helped Kristina brand, market, and find e-commerce distribution channels for her custom journals and thoughtful challenges, substantiating a business she’s been able to launch while GlobeKicking.


Neha brought a travel-inspired food brand, FoodMoodz, from early-stage concept to launch during her GlobeKick experience.  She drew inspiration by diving into the food culture of each of the cities that GlobeKick traveled through, in addition to her side trips to exotic and/or rustic culinary destinations (San Sebastian, Mallorca, Ibiza, Sahara Desert, only to name a few). Maybe even more than travel, however, Neha’s community of more-than-willing GlobeKick taste-testers, dinner party guests, and business advisors brought practice and structure to her passion. While many GlobeKickers provided feedback and guidance, no one more than Zoe Apostolidou, artist and professional photographer, helped bring Neha’s dishes to life and FoodMoodz to beauty. Zoe’s artistic direction, sketched out in a kitchen she shared with Neha in their Valencian apartment, helped to sharpen an artistic vision that FoodMoodz’s intends to expand upon in 2017. 

Zoe Apostolidou

Zoe Apostolidou


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"What Jamie, Ian, Rad and Russell along with Aliya and Mary have been able to create with GlobeKick is incredibly special.  I got the opportunity to spend a few days in Lisbon, Portugal with the group checking out the working space, observing yoga (I didn’t have my yoga gear, otherwise I would have participated), touring the city with a local guide, and enjoying some local cuisine.  During that time, I got to connect with different members of the group.  Everyone I spoke to had a special story to share – whether it was an interesting business idea, a different cultural point of view, or simple enthusiasm for what their next 90 days would hold.  I believe that GlobeKick has created an incredibly unique space – one that inspires creativity, connectedness, and community.  One that I look forward to internally marketing to my own employees so that they can take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  I only wish I had more time to spend with the group!" Adrienne Lester, Senior Manager, Corporate Sales | Documents Cloud at Citrix