How It Works


The GlobeKick Experience

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.



GlobeKick gives people who already work remotely (or those just starting out on their Desk Independent lifestyle) the freedom to travel the world in a way that makes them more productive and successful. We do this through our guided approach to the monthly GlobeKick. A modulated structure affords our GlobeKickers the flexibility and ease of selecting scheduled offerings to prepare their perfect personal recipe for amplifying remote work success and the happiness of a travel-inspired life. The GlobeKick Connect revolves around three main themes: 

  • Personal Patterning : Individual within Team
  • Community, Culture, & Relationship Building
  • Skills-Based Utilization of Remote Working Technologies

We believe the latest workplace research is right on target: the world's most productive professionals have one major thread that binds, they love their work. GlobeKick kicks your heart into your work by imbuing Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose into your conscious lifestyle and professional direction. We employ the wonder of international travel and cultural exploration to no small measure to help lead and develop these three pursuits.



We have designed our experience to facilitate the GlobeKick lifestyle through the following opportunities:  

  • The GlobeKick Connect: full access to our entire schedule of experiential trainings, support, and guidance.   
  • Comfortable living accommodations with your own private bedroom.
  • Guided weekly fitness classes (vinyasa yoga & HIIT workouts).
  • Inspired meditation sessions.
  • Co-working office space  with 24/7 access to secure and reliable Wi-Fi, and much more. 
  • Service opportunities giving back to local communities throughout the month.
  • Cultural immersion activities (tourism, language pursuit, etiquette classes).
  • Weekly community gathering and sponsored group hangouts twice per month.
  • Passionate community of self-directed professionals: past, present, and future.

And most importantly ... fun! and adventure! all together with a whole new crew of friends GlobeKicking from all over the map!



More Questions?

Here again is our 2017 Trip schedule. Do you have questions about what life is like living and working in our amazing destinations? Give us a call! We are passionate about travel, sharing stories, and helping with tips & tricks for starting your GlobeKick.

Have specific questions about payment and/or the logistics of your GlobeKick? Russ Briscoe has all the answers (and a few stories of his own). 


But What does it cost?!

1-Month GlobeKick: $2,400.

No matter where we go or when we go there.

GlobeKick does not provide jobs. We are looking to travel with those rockstars who are bringing along their own jobs, passion projects, courses of study, and/or a true thirst to accelerate that next best step.


Ready to GlobeKick?