Frequently Asked Questions


So How Does GlobeKick Work?

Glad you asked!  Our model is super-duper simple. We host three-month experiences, beginning at different times in different parts of the world. Just look at our calendar and pick the side of the planet you'd like to visit, cowork from, or just explore! Once you've decided where you'd like to Kick it (yes, we call it that), we warmly invite you to the three-month trip! 


OH no! I can't travel for three months! CAn I still 'kick it?

For a very limited amount of fill-ins, we offer one-month travel options. This depends on a variety of factors, so we can't guarantee the availability of this option at this time. Please note: In this circumstance, should you ultimately want to continue Kickin' it longer than a month (and you will!), you will be responsible for your transportation between our destinations. Is it worth the risk? We don't think so.

In fact, here's a true story: some of GlobeKickers continue to travel with us three-month after three-month. Like, we like each other... a lot. :)  

But, as it goes, we understand that life tends to happen. So, we've designed GlobeKick to be pretty darned flexible. And not just on the yoga mat (hiyo!) It's up to you to choose your own adventure. Rest assured we'll be somewhere GlobeKicking around the world whenever and wherever you'd like to hop on the GK train. 


How structured is the Trip?

As structured as you want, amigo. Your GlobeKick is your GlobeKick. We believe we've found the right balance of structure and freedom while leading groups of digital professionals from all around the globe. GlobeKick is purposefully designed with the intention that you can freely join into the different activities, workshops, and group outings that appeal to you. Nothing is required and everything is voluntary; however, we do look for people who not only contribute, but find their own avenues of leadership during our time together. GlobeKick provides a platform so that you know what's happening and can participate as you like.


I like to explore on my own. Do I have to stay with the group?

The GlobeKick experience is all about exploration! While we’re sure you will meet lifelong friends and enjoy the community you develop with them and the travel experiences you have together, you are free to travel separate from the group as much or as little as you want.



We do not provide jobs -- not exactly anyway. We do have some great insight and recommendation resources for helping you make the most out of remote working with other companies. To be honest, most of our GlobeKickers already have jobs that allow them to work from wherever we go in the big, wide world. That said, a great deal of GlobeKickers also travel without a job and instead use the adventure to start a new project, work on something they've put off for too long, or just learn more about themselves. There's nothing like taking some time away from it all and living in a new place to gain some perspective!

We travel with all types of professionals and only ask that you be a good member of the community! We started GlobeKick in pursuit for us to live the best versions of our lives. We hope you're looking for that kinda 'Kick too. Last thing: If you're looking to work with us, we are not hiring presently! But, you can feel free to fill out our Employment Questionnaire  and we will contact you as our team continues to grow.  :)


do Most people work us business hours? to put it another way; will i be punching the clock while everything happens all around me?

Some GlobeKickers do work U.S.-based hours while traveling, while others keep a local-time schedule. 

But the big news is ... nah. We want you around! We schedule everything to the best of our abilities. Our activities, seminars, and gatherings are positioned at different times throughout the week to best accommodate the needs of our current GK community. We want you to be a part of the whole amazing team. We're conscious travelers and live by a couple key principles along the way: listen to listen --without waiting to speak-- and always stay flexible. We'll discuss your intended work patterning together before your trip so we can help maximize your time with us! Our field team is available to duplicate yoga sessions, hangouts, info sessions, and more for those who are genuinely interested but have a particular work conflict.   Now that's love.


is there an age limit to globekicking?  

Nope! We believe strength can be found in the magic of diversity, as well as background and life experience. Our GlobeKickers have one main thing in common so far as we can tell: a like-minded understanding that meaningful experiences are better than material possessions. That's truly the only similarity we've been able to pinpoint reflecting back on all of our travels. It's the smiles along the way rather than the fancy luggage or souvenirs that really ticks our clocks. And trust when we say ... we've 'Kicked it with everyone from recent college graduates to grandmothers, Athenians to Iowans, the "I'll add guac" gang$tas to the "Does this coffee come with refills" pre-rich all-stars, and everyone in between.  You could say the GK community is "a trip" in itself.


who comes on these trips?

A GlobeKicker is typically a person with self-directed work responsibilities and some management experience (average age range 28 - 38). We crew with the curious type. We attract those awakening to an ever-growing potential for happiness and fulfillment. This isn't a post-college party trip.  We've hosted business leaders and entrepreneurs, artists and experience designers, and people who are active, even experts, in everything from rhythmic movement therapy to lacrosse, from surfing to crochet, and from scuba to piloting. On any given day however, most of us are content just hanging out with each other, exploring new places, and trying new things.

Since finding deeper meaning in a remote-based approach to work is an organizing principle of GlobeKick, many participants are high achievers at the leading edge of untethered productivity looking for deeper connectivity to their work and community. We know it personally: remote work can be lonely.

Some of our past participants run very successful e-commerce businesses, some are recognized online educators, some are brilliant creative technologists. We tend to have a lot of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts on our trips. 

We truly focus on building communities full of dynamic people who have much more to offer to the group than just work experience. GlobeKick is social by definition, and so one of our main qualifications is to look for people who share some simple principles:

  • open to spending time with people from different cultures with different value sets
  • curious about the people and the world around them
  • considerate of others

 Basically just be kind and curious. You'll fit right in.


so what's included?

For the prices quoted on each trip, this usually covers your*:

  • GlobeKick's professional & leadership sessions
  • accommodation (a private room)
  • coworking space (full-time access)
  • destination orientation, two fully sponsored community events 
  • 2x weekly vinyasa yoga sessions (all levels) & HIIT fitness meetups
  • weekly guided meditation & mindfulness training
  • weekly cultural tourism explorations (bike tours, cooking classes, museum visits, etc)
  • organized and facilitated volunteerism opportunities throughout the month
  • dedicated staff to lead the experience and connect you to almost anything you need
  • whatever you and your peers decide to contribute: lead a workshop, facilitate an exploratory conversation, or organize a dinner
  • transportation between our destination cities, provided that you are paying upfront for a multi-month GlobeKick

*Please take a look at our Destination Page for details on where we're going and when we'll be there!

Your payment does not include several important things:

  • travel to/from your GlobeKick destination. Your transportation between GlobeKick destinations is only provided if you are traveling on a multi-month Featured GlobeKick and this connecting airfare is specifically noted.
  • alcohol (may or may not be important to you)
  • local transportation (taxis, metro transport, tolls, etc)
  • activities and adventures outside of the house (skiing, bicycle rentals, diving, climbing, etc. can all cost a significant amount and should only be paid for by people who partake in each activity and are therefore not included in the price unless otherwise noted)
  • meals are not included unless otherwise noted; however, we do like to facilitate group potlucks and all participants split the costs when the group decides to eat dinner together

Whenever possible we are happy to help organize to get group discounts for any activities we do as a crew. If something is not clear, please reference the individual destination information or ask us. More details will be sent via email.


How good is the Wi-Fi?

Yo. Big one here. We KNOW reliable WI-FI is an absolute must-have. So don't worry: you're in good hands.

We check and double-check all working and living spaces beforehand to ensure they have the internet capabilities that we need. We will also provide backup internet alternatives, if things gets really slow going. (We like to joke that you are traveling, after all. Part of the adventure is sometimes dealing with adversity and finding workable solutions!)


What's the office setting like?

Um, amazing? We partner with co-working spaces within our destination cities to ensure that you have desk space, WI-FI, and other office-type amenities. These places are often as rich with character as the cities they're in!

If a private work-space important for your job, or your employer might have information security concerns for your time at work while GlobeKicking, please let us know and we'll be happy to speak to certain measures and controls we can help align for you if security and privacy are critical to your work.    


What type of housing accommodations will I have?

The living arrangements are specific to each city to which we travel. You can count on a fully furnished and functioning, nicely set living arrangement. Often, we provide two-bedroom apartments for pairings of our GlobeKickers. Sometimes we arrange villa-type housing. Sometimes it's a larger house that accommodates the whole family! :)

We aim to balance comfort, inspiration, and location while always putting your safety and health first.

Important alert! We always provide individual rooms for each GlobeKicker -- because we know that sometimes you just need to cocoon and chill. 


I also really like my significant other/friend/frenemy (a lot). CAn they come too?

Your partner is welcome to join! We do ask that you keep in mind that GlobeKicking is a team sport in many ways. Some of the most important aspects of the trip include socializing, collaborating, and working together. If you and yours are extremely private in nature, then GlobeKick may not be for you. Let us know if you're interested in bringing someone.


if my significant other/friend/frenemy and I are traveling together, can we share a room?

Of course. If you would like to share a room, please let us know and we can accommodate that in terms of cost and setup.


Now that my friend is with me I’d like to discuss my (dog/cat/kid)…Can I bring pets or children?

At the moment, GlobeKick is not able to accommodate pets or children. 


Will there be breaks to go on mini-vacations or visit family?

We think adults can make their own decisions! GlobeKickers can go on trips whenever they please, and rejoin the group wherever we are at the time. No presh.


Do I have to be from the United States?

Not at all! We aim to have a diverse group of GlobeKickers from all over the big wide world.


Do I have to speak English?

While we will never require English fluency, an adequate grasp of English is necessary to maximize your experience within the structured offerings of our GlobeKick. 


What are the visa requirements to visit the countries on the itinerary?

Visa requirements depend upon your citizenship. If you have questions about whether you need a visa to visit a country in our program, a useful resource for determining your visa requirements is

Of course, during the purchasing process, we will ask that you provide us with your citizenship information so that we can personally discuss any visa requirements with you if you wish to join us.


What are the passport requirements to visit the countries on the itinerary?

Again, this likely depends on your country of citizenship, but in the United States and many other countries your passport must be valid for an additional 6 months from your time of departure.


What's the cost?

Our mission is to make GlobeKicking as accessible and affordable to all those who want to inspire a new way to work. Technology has set us free in so many cool and meaningful ways. It's also helped to streamline costs and efficiencies in many areas of everyday life. We've set up a calendar that offers each of our destinations to you at a consistent and clear price. Please check our How It Works page! For many of us, that's less than or equal to what one would spend during a month on home turf. 

We started GlobeKick because we believe in the need for it - not to make a slick, gagillion dollar company. We want to help you Create a Life You Love. This is a lifestyle investment that we believe is worth it. We'll always do our best to keep our trips both awesome and affordable for as many as possible.  

PS: Do you already live in one of the cities we're GlobeKicking and work out of a local co-working space. Please email for further details on how you can participate in the GlobeKick at a really excellent reduced rate.


is there a way to write off my GlobeKick costs as tax deductible?

We usually ask Rad, the company attorney, difficult questions like this. We asked and he said he’s not a CPA (pffff typical attorney). Ok, what he said after that was, yes, in some cases you may be able to deduct part or all of the GlobeKick costs, but please be sure to consult with your accountant. You should also check with your accountant about the possible tax savings you may be eligible for from generating income while living abroad.


Can I get my employer to pay for this?

We certainly hope so, but that's ultimately between you and your employer. We have had a few participants whose employers have paid for their GlobeKicking in the past. We can promise a productive work environment, structure, and much more!


How long in advance do i have to book?

These trips are relatively small. There's only about 20 or 25 people on each trip. All of them will fully book in advance. We recommend booking far in advanced by paying a deposit that is transferable (see below). Most trips will be full or nearly full within 90 days.


what's the payment process?

To hold your spot we require a deposit of a percentage of the trip cost. For example, our standard process works like this: a $8,000 3-month retreat requires a $4,000 deposit. Each GlobeKick has its own date for deposits (we will inform you of these via email, too). If you can pay upfront, we cut 10% off the total price, to $7,200. This deposit is non-refundable (but transferable to another sequence of monthly cities) should your circumstances and/or ability to travel change.

In this instance, you'd then be all set until the start of your trip. You are reserved, ready to start our on-boarding process, and let the GlobeKick begin! The start of your first month will have a $2,000 payment due, the start of your second month another $2,000 will be due, and the third month ... well ... nada, nathan, NUTTIN, nothing, done. Enjoy :)

We have to make decisions based on predicted cash flow for many aspects of the GlobeKick and thank you for your understanding that it's not possible for us to recover upfront costs within our relatively narrow time-frames.


What do I need to do to join?!

Please click the button below to fill out some info about yourself so we can begin to get to know one another a little bit better! We love to chat. Please expect an email from us with a request to set up a phone call soon. We'll review these details and more during our conversation, then VIOLA, you'll be on your way! 

Well almost! Before your month begins, we'll send you a welcome packet with some on-boarding information and a few goodies just for YOU! 

EXCITED ALREADY?! That's right, friend, you totally should be!!


You forgot something! 

We're happy to chat and answer anything we left out! Please email us  

Love, GlobeKick.