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The New Employee 'Benefit'

Over the past two decades, the internet has forever changed the way that we work. But, up until now, it has had little impact on where we work. That's about to change forever. Enter the exciting world of the untethered office! 

In the coming years, HR Departments, navigating a Millennial-based workforce, will begin implementing remote-work policies that afford this younger generation the flexibility to work outside of the office for part of the year. We believe that the remote-work model is the next iteration of employee benefits that companies will offer to attract and retain top talent; in the 1940's it was health care, in the 1970's it was the 401(k), and into the 2000's it was about office amenities (yoga, snacks, and ping pong).

GlobeKick is at the forefront of offering remote-work experiences imbued with personal and professional development that allow companies to outsource the logistics and execution of managing a location independent workforce!


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Turn Key Solution for Your Remote Workforce


Employee Growth

Description of International Perspective Periods


*Benefits in the eyes of the employeer (keep it to 3-4)

Employee Retention / Attraction

1. Attract top employees

2. Incentivize performance

3. Increase employee

4. Increase company loyalty

5. Save Money


Company Immersion

Connect with remote offices


How does your company attract & retain top talent? (Millennial Trends)

  • 50% of U.S. workforce jobs are compatible with remote-working

  • 82% of Millennials would be loyal to their employer if given remote status

  • Over 75% of the workforce will be of the Millennial generation by 2025

  • 70% of employees are willing to quit their job in favor of more workplace flexibility

  • 78% of Millennials want life experiences more than money

  • The Average Millennial changes jobs every 26 months
  • It costs $20,000.00+ to recruit and train new mid-level employees
  • Companies spend an additional ~20K in benefits for a $50K per year employee
Millenials rank travel as a higher priority than owning a house.
— Someone important
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How Does it Work?


Notes from powerpoint

  • One Month of Longer
  • Co-Work Space
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Housing, Travel, and Logistics
  • Logistics* 


Are your top millennial employees leaving your company rapidly?  If so, your problem isn't unique..

Our Industries

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What is the best way to manage culture within your remote workforce? (Trends in Remote Work Force)

  • 50% of the U.S. workforce has a job that is compatible with remote working and 80-90% of the workforce would like to work remote at least part time (Global Workplace Analytics).  

  • 68% of employers say improving employee morale and satisfaction is an important consideration in employee benefits; 67% cite improving employee health (Healthcare Trends Institute)

  • 76% of millennials think professional development opportunities are one of the most important elements of company culture (Execu-Search)

  • 29% of employers say they are now collaborating with outside organizations to find opportunities to reduce employee costs (Healthcare Trends Institute)

  • 87% of employees feel more customized benefit choices that better fit their lives would help them feel more confidence in their plan choices (Sun Life)

  • 60% of Millennials say they will be more productive if they can work remotely, and 82% say they would be more loyal to their employer (FlexJobs Report)
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"What Jamie, Ian, Rad and Russell along with Aliya and Mary have been able to create with GlobeKick is incredibly special.  I got the opportunity to spend a few days in Lisbon, Portugal with the group checking out the working space, observing yoga (I didn’t have my yoga gear, otherwise I would have participated), touring the city with a local guide, and enjoying some local cuisine.  During that time, I got to connect with different members of the group.  Everyone I spoke to had a special story to share – whether it was an interesting business idea, a different cultural point of view, or simple enthusiasm for what their next 90 days would hold.  I believe that GlobeKick has created an incredibly unique space – one that inspires creativity, connectedness, and community.  One that I look forward to internally marketing to my own employees so that they can take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  I only wish I had more time to spend with the group!" Adrienne Lester, Senior Manager, Corporate Sales | Documents Cloud at Citrix

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Incorporate GlobeKick into your benefit offerings and your employees will receive a 10% discount when attending a GlobeKick experience!



Tell us the timing, where, and how many employees you want to have on a GlobeKick experience and we will tailor the experience to your team.*

*10 person minimum if you only want employees from your company on the trip


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